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By Norma Young

Your Life Matters

Some people set an intention to write and then follow through on it. Others find themselves inexplicably compelled to write. However we come before it, a blank page gives us an opportunity to bring about something new.

About the Book

This book is for scribes at all stages of the literary journey. It’s for the lifetime journaller, aspirant autobiographer and the memoirist-in-the-making. Referencing case-studies, scientific research and excerpts from works of renowned authors, the first section promotes writing as a tool to help you pay attention to, save, review, design or savour your life. The second section offers guidelines on how to write. There are questions to incite reflection, more than 200 prompts to spark contemplation and tips to consider as you jot down impressions and observations.

Whether you’re wanting to leverage the mental and physical health benefits of keeping a diary, explore memoir options under the themes of food, travel, or a defining moment, or determine which milestones and interactions are essential to include in an autobiography, this book offers suggestions that will enhance your writing practice. The emotions, events and experiences of your life are an indelible part of your story. Write of them for yourself first, and then if you want to, in order to be published. How you feel, what you have been through and what you hope for, matters. All of it is noteworthy because you are.

About the Author

Norma Young

Norma Young has worked in the print, digital and broadcast media industries over the past two decades. She’s edited non-fiction books, written her own title called We Need More Tables: Navigating privilege in the face of poverty, and held a variety of editorial positions including Editor-in-Chief. Her writing has been published in True Love, City Press, Mail & Guardian, Daily Maverick, Quartz Africa and Al Jazeera. She’s trying to curb her enthusiasm for beautiful notebooks but loves to always have one nearby in case she needs to journal or jot down a new book idea.


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